Owner and Photographer for Rachel Rice Photography.

(What makes me..ME!)

I have always been a completely creative person. Any project that involved being artistic you could count me in! I love fairytales and science fiction! If I wasn't reading or creating some masterpiece you could find me under the lilac bush or up the mulberry tree daydreaming or living out one of my own fairytales. Now that I have grown-up I still live in my daydreams but now I have an even better way to bring them to life and that is through my photography. I love creating custom sessions for my clients. Capturing them in the morning fog with all the mystery it creates. Letting the little ones find forts in trees and capturing their discoveries! Playing with bubbles and balloons and just making each session special and magical!

(Background and my Family)

I went to Eastern Michigan University and got my degree in Elementary Education. I love to work with children and really wanted to influence the next generation. All the while my love of Photography bloomed even more. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother and the whole time growing up I was the one to capture all their special moments in photos and video. My mom always tells me if it were not for me she wouldn't have any photos of my younger siblings. Now I have leaned quite a bit about photography since then and have also upgraded from a disposable camera as well.

When I got married I wanted to photograph my own wedding, which would have been very hard to do since I was the focus of that day. So when my cousin got married two months later I had the opportunity to capture her special day and I jumped at it! Since then I have built my portfolio around subjects I love to photograph primarily Families, Seniors in High School and Pets (because pets are part of our families too!).

(Why you are hiring me)

Your not hiring me to just snap some digital images for you and hand over a CD, because you can do that yourself with your iphone and edit them yourself on instagram or picmonkey. You are hiring me to tell a story and create beautiful custom imagery and artwork for you! You love the way I see things differently and can capture those special moments and make them magical.

(What are my Specialties)

I specialize in Family Photography, Senior Photography and Pet Photography. Those all sound like big leaps from each other but they each carry their own special meaning to me.

I absolutely adore pets and if you visit my page on Facebook you will see what I mean. I post about my sweet little dog all the time and she has more pictures of her on there than me!

Senior Photography gives me the opportunity to connect with high school seniors about to graduate! This is such a big step for them and to be able to help capture who they are at this moment is something I just love doing. They are always such a blast to work with and have so many of their own creative ideas, we just have an amazing time!

Family Photography is the reason I started in this business. I have always captured the special moments in my family and I love being able to do that for other families as well. I love to work with children and capture their growth and personalities. To see parents interacting with their children and be able to turn that moment into a piece of art that the family will be able to enjoy forever.

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