How is Photography Important in Your Life?

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These days photos are everywhere. Everyone has cell phones, cameras & tablets. We share images of our lives constantly through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest & Email. You may have CD's in drawers just hanging out because you never had the time to get prints made. I would say photos are pretty important to most people, and what we do with them as well.


It is fun to share photos on your Facebook wall. Do you know what is even more fun!?! Having them printed and hanging on your actual walls!! Photographs are not just important because they are everywhere though. They are a record of our lives and the special moments that we spent with our families, our pets and a record of how we change as the years pass.


For everyday situations snapshots with your digital camera or cell phone are fine. Everyone loves taking selfies with their kids or pets or even just of themselves. When you want to mark special occasions or events (a new chapter in your family's life, the birth of a child, weddings, engagements, senior year in high school, your first pet) why settle for blurry photos on your cell phone. These occasions should be captured in the highest quality possible. Crystal Clear and sharp images that show the details of that moment. To get these kinds of images why risk poor quality and inexperience?


There are trained professional photographers out there with the right kind of experience who will create stunning images of your family that you will want to hang on your walls and put in album. These will be the images that your children, your grandchildren & great grandchildren will look back on and remember you.


So how do you find a photographer who can produce quality images and who offers products that will stand the test of time?

1. Ask friends & family for recommendations of people in the area.

2. Using Facebook & internet searches are also great ways to find local photographers.

3. Checking with your local Chamber of Commerce website.


What do I look for in a photographer?

1. Personality is a big factor!! Find someone you can click with. If you can find someone you are comfortable with there is a good chance that you will work well with them!

2. Their work appeals to you. You are hiring them for their style and you want to find someone who has similar taste to yours.

3. This is a fantastic post about what to look for!

4. Lastly, Pricing. Great Art is expensive, this goes for photography as well. These images are an investment and good photographers intend your images to be family heirlooms & plan for this by offering archival-grade print products. Choosing the least expensive photographer may seem like the most attractive option, but there is probably a reason why they are so cheap. If budget is a concern when choosing your photographer, try contacting a few of your "dream" photographers and let them know that you really want to work with them, but you can't afford the price. Many may be willing to work with you by offering payment plans or other options.


So you found several photographers you may be interested in....Now what?

1. Most professional photographers have an online presence with portfolios that you can look through.

2. Call & Schedule an appointment to interview them. (You want someone you are comfortable working with and that shares the same vision & goals about the session as you do).


Everyone chooses what they think is most important in their lives. Documenting how my family has changed over the years has been really important to me. I think about investing in great photography like I would investing in a house. I want a photographer who knows what they are doing and can provide a great finished product that will last. Just like I would want a person who builds houses to know what they are doing. I don't want something that will fall apart around me. I want something my children will grow-up in and that will last. 


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