Non-refundable Retainer {aka the session fee $150} is due at booking along with a signed Contract.

For all sessions you will receive a pre-consultation either in person, by phone or through e-mail. I also provide a personalized ordering session (aka the Session Premiere) to help you choose your customized art. 

PRICES ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE. Customized Payment Plans are offered so clients can get the products and services they want the most!

Q: How much are Sessions?
A: A Standard Session is $150. This does not cover the cost of prints or digital files. Those are purchased separately. Events (birthday parties, reunions, ect.)are $150 an hour, for more info on event photography please call or email.

Q: Cancellation
A: If you need to cancel {due to sickness or schedule conflict} please contact me within 24-48 hours if at all possible. Your retainer is non-refundable, so if you need to cancel you have 14 days to reschedule or a new retainer fee will be required to book.


Q: What are my payment options?

A: I accept Cash, Credit Cards and PayPal. At this time I currently do not accept any form of Checks other than Cashiers Checks. 


Q: Do I get an online Gallery?

A: Yes, I do offer online galleries for my clients. After your Session Premiere I will upload a gallery of the images you chose at your premiere. Unordered photos will not appear in your gallery. All unordered photos will be purged after 30 days.


Q: What is Premiere Pricing vs Website Pricing?

A: Premiere Pricing is special pricing you get on Premiere Night Only!!! After that you will be paying Website Pricing. Website Pricing is my Real Pricing, Premiere Pricing was created to offer you a Special day to get exactly what you want for a special price. My Collections are only available on Premiere Night Only! I offer a Product Guide to my Clients so they can look through it before their Session Premiere.


Q:What is your policy on using my photos?
A: I reserve the rights to use your photos on my website, Facebook and/or blog and for advertising purposes. All clients sign a Contract and a Model Release form. If there are certain reasons why you don't want me to post on {Facebook, Website or Blog} please let me know and I am happy to work something out for you. I like to showcase my work and talent so if no objections are given and I have a signed Contract and Model Release I will share the images at my discretion.


Q: Do you give out the Copyright?

A: No, the Copyright stays with Rachel Rice Photography. All Images are copyrighted by the photographer Rachel Rice. It is illegal and unlawful to scan, copy or reproduce Rachel Rice's work and punishable by law with fines starting at $150,000.00. Reproducing Rachel's work in any manner can damage her reputation as a photographer by distorting and devaluing the image quality.


Q: Do you offer a Print Release?

A: I do offer Print Releases when Clients Purchases one of these 3 collections { The Complete Digital Collection, The Sublime Collection, The Signature Collection}. The print release lets my clients print their images themselves at a Pre-Approved Lab that can insure they receive quality prints. (Printing at labs like walmart, costco, cvs or walgreens instantly lowers the quality of your images. So I do not offer a print release for any of those locations.) My clients deserve top quality prints!


Q: What happens after the photo session?
A: Right after the session we will schedule your Session Premiere. This is your personalized one-on-one ordering session. I will bring your re-touched photos and a delectable dessert and a customized slideshow. It normally takes about two weeks to retouch your session's photos. After your session premiere I will also provide you with a link to your own personalized online gallery of your ordered photos.


Q: Can I bring my own camera/camcorder/phone to the session?

A: Please leave cameras/camcorders and other recording devices at home. You are free to bring your phone to the session but please refrain from taking any photos or recording without express permission from the photographer. When asked I am okay with you snapping a shot or two to post online and share that you are having your photo session done with me, but be sure to tag me: Rachel Rice Photography.


Q: When do I pay for my products (prints, canvases, albums)?

A: Due to the custom nature of portraits, all orders are paid in full at the time of ordering (Session Premiere). I do offer payment plans for those that need them. Orders over $500 are eligible for my payment plans. If you choose a payment plan I do not place the order until the order has been paid in full. All Sales are Final.


Q: What happens to the unordered images?

A: Any unordered images will be purged from our system 30 days after your Session Premiere. All ordered images will be archived in my system for 1 year for holiday cards and re-orders. 


Q: What are Re-Orders?

A: If at any time within 1 year of your Session you wish to order more prints you can contact me for a Re-Order. These are only of the images that you have originally purchased as all others have already been purged from my system. There is no minimum required for re-prints, but a shipping fee will be added to this order.


Q: Do you do weddings or newborn sessions?

A: Absolutely! I take a limited number each year and only upon special request. Weddings book around 9 months to a year in advance, and newborn sessions book about 6-8 months in advance. For pricing on newborn sessions or weddings please e-mail me and I will be happy to send it to you!


Q: I am unhappy with my session can we do a re-shoot?

A: All re-shoots are at the discretion of the photographer. They are not given if you regret personal choices you made (clothing, hair style, make-up). Example: You have a family session and the child is super fussy and uncooperative and the images are not up to par. Then yes I will allow a re-shoot. I prefer that my clients be 100% happy with their images. If a re-shoot happens then all the images from the first shoot are purged from the system and you are given a fresh set of images to choose from.

Q: Do my photos come edited or do I get the un-edited images?

A: All Images come with basic re-touching {blemishes removed, slight level adjustments, & sharpening}. For more extensive re-touching {object removal, glasses glare removal, head/expression swaps,  creative edits, and more} requires a $25 fee per image, as this will require extra processing time. Black & White conversions can be made upon request at no charge. 


Q: Can I share my photos on social media? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)

A: I love the fact that you want to share your photos!! Photos are ment to be shared! The only thing I ask is that when sharing you do not crop out my logo or use (instagram filters) over the images as it instantly lowers the quality of the images. When you purchase the digital files I will automatically give you a separate folder with web sized images for social sharing. These images do have my watermark on them so when they are shared everyone knows where you got your top quality images from! 


** All fees and Product Pricing are subject to change without notice in an effort to keep offering the highest quality of service and products.