"I love your work but can't afford it!"

As a photographer I hear this often. I love creating custom art work for my clients and providing them with the luxury experience of customized sessions.

"So why don't you lower your prices?"

This is my primary job and source of income, I completely understand looking to hire on a budget. With photography 99% of the time you do get what you pay for. I have invested so much to be able to provide the highest quality of service and products to my clients, and I wish to continue to give them the best!

"So what can you offer me within my budget?"

I hope to offer you the same quality of service and products that I offer all of my clients. In doing so I offer Payment Plans that can work within your monthly budget as well as a Gift Registry. Something new that I just started offering as well is my Referral Program!!

"Do you offer Gift Certificates?"

Want to purchase a Gift Certificate for a Custom Session for a Friend or Family Member? I offer Gift Certificates that make great gifts and stocking stuffers! Gift Certificates are only available for Mini Sessions {$85} or Standard Sessions {$200}. They are not redeemable for Cash. Prints and Digital Files are sold separately.

"Tell me more about Gift Registry's!"

I offer Gift Registries to help you get the Collection you want! At your Consultation we can set up your registry that is personalized to your needs. You will receive a link to your online registry for you to share with friends and family who wish to contribute. I currently offer Registries for (Wedding Collections, Senior Collections, and all Standard Collections).

"What if I don't raise all of the money I need on my Registry?"

There are two things we can do. Example: You wanted the White Wedding Collection and needed to raise $6395 but you only raised $4500.
1. You can finish paying it off yourself before the wedding.
2. You raised enough to pay for the Wedding Day Coverage so we can do a Payment Plan for the rest of the products offered in your package.

"Tell me more about the Payment Plans!"

I have created payment plans that are customized to each client. Let's say you want a certain (product/collection). We can do (#) of payments at the amount of ($XXX) every month until it is paid off. Once your (product/collection) is paid I will send your order to be finalized.